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The Board of Directors of the Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa (CEFO) is pleased to announce that a total of $945,715 has been awarded, to date, to forty-three (43) different types of innovative programs/projects. Some of the successful projects and the cumulative total funding provided are described below for your information. 

Children’s Support Committee — Summer camps ($33,000)

The Children’s Support Committee coordinated six one-week camps over five summers in six different locations. The camps provided an opportunity for students from each one of these schools to attend a week of fun-filled activities. Students were selected by school staff members.Priority was given to students whose families are financially disadvantaged and therefore could not take advantage of other opportunities in the community.

Notre Dame High School, Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School and St. Patrick’s High School — Rideauwood School-Based Substance Abuse Program ($181,500)

The goal of this partnership was to provide support for those students dealing with substance abuse issues and to also provide support to their families in how to deal with these kinds of problems. As a Catholic faith community, this project truly emphasizes “Who is My Neighbour,” as we attempt to do everything in our power to assist students to be successful. We must strive to ensure that ALL of our students have every opportunity to be successful as we work to achieve the Catholic Graduate Expectations for those students with significant challenges. We also wish to ensure that all students,wherever possible, have equal opportunity for access to resources, throughout our Board.

Immaculata High School, Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School and St.Patrick’s High School — Big Sisters, Big Brothers of Ottawa — Meet You in School Mentorship Program ($90,000)

The “Meet You In School” Leadership Program Partnership is a co-op mentorship program that continues to match highly motivated secondary school student leaders with “at risk” elementary students, between the ages of 7 and 11. The partner is Big Sisters, Big Brothers of Ottawa,which oversees the program and contributes two social service workers to staff the program. The secondary school candidates accepted into the program participate in a two-credit co-op placement,where each mentor is matched with eight elementary students who are in need of attention andself-esteem building. Similar programs have proven to increase self-esteem and social skills by 65 per cent. The program runs in seven of our high schools with students from 20 elementary schools receiving approximately 30 hours of individual mentoring on a one-hour-a-week basis.

Children’s Support Schools — Tutors in Schools ($120,500)

The Children’s Support Committee of the Ottawa Catholic School Board continues to provide the successful program entitled “Tutors in Schools.” This program effectively utilizes the skills and dedication of university students as tutors. Matching funds are provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Emphasis is placed on reading literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills; appreciation of visual arts, physical education and dance; and learning skills such as conflict resolution, cooperation and goal setting. 

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School — Early Literacy ($27,000)

This four year, highly successful project focused on improving the literacy of children in the primary grades in a partnership with enthusiastic students from the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. These students were trained by a team of primary teachers to do guided reading with small groups, improving fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

St. Elizabeth School — Building Bridges ($4,950)

The students of St. Elizabeth are often from families that face economic challenges; most of whom have never attended camp. For a third year, this project provided them an opportunity to take on personal challenges such as high and low rope, paddling, orienteering and rock climbing. A YMCA camp offered a discount to enable their attendance. Self-esteem and position memories were nurtured, thus assisting the children to build bridges from elementary school to high school.

Dr. F.J. McDonald Catholic School — Read to Succeed ($9,600)

A primary focus of this project was to enable each child to read aloud on a weekly basis to further develop reading competencies. Within this domain, writing, word attack skills, comprehension,and inferencing further enhanced individual confidence and abilities in a structured environment.

Our Lady of Fatima School — Early Intervention Literacy Classroom ($2,500)

This classroom was designed to provide sufficient and appropriate resources to the school’s remedial, resource, ESL teachers and Everybody Learns reading coach.

St. Anthony School and St. Mary’s, Ottawa School — Kids in Motion ($15,000)

In partnership with the YM-YWCA, a twelve-week (48 hours) Physical Fitness and Activity program was offered that supported and supplemented existing school programs by introducing children to new and exciting skills, activities and equipment, while also providing teachers with new resources and skills to draw from in delivering their own physical education routines.

St. Rose of Lima School — Holistic Education: Making a Better World One Child at a Time ($7,100)

As part of an ongoing Literacy Initiative, efforts were made to improve students’ reading ability and social and personal success by purchasing additional reading materials and incorporating “Second Steps” which is a research-based curriculum designed to teach social and emotional skills in order to prevent aggression and violence. Also, the students were exposed to experiences outside the school they might otherwise not experience through a three-day trip to camp.

Immaculata High School — Drowning Prevention ($7,500)

In the Summer of 2005, Grade 8 student King Boloko, drowned in the Rideau River. His family created a Foundation in his name with the goal of educating youth about drowning prevention.The King Boloko Foundation is a partnership of family members, Immaculata High School, the City of Ottawa, CHEO, the Red Cross, and CEFO. The goal of this project was to provide 200 Ottawa Catholic School Board children in need (grades 5-8) with free nine-week swimming lessons along with dry land training.

Project Grant Application Process and Forms

The Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa (CEFO) seeks to support those programs that reflect the unique dimensions of a truly Catholic education. In doing so, it is understood that these areas may cary from time to time by both reason of changing needs and availability of funds.

For purposes of all project grant applications, only employees, students, and parents of the Ottawa Catholic School Board may request funds from the Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa.

The Principal of the school must sign all applications formulated by teachers, students, and parents. Departmental Superintendents must sign all applications formulated by professional andadministrative staff and educational consultants.

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