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CEFO's Emergency Response Fund donates funds to families within the Ottawa Catholic School Board who are in financial need due to crises, getting help to these families within 24 hours of the initial request. The assistance includes funds for food, clothing, medical supplies, transportation, and utilities, to name but a few. CEFO's Emergency Response Fund is reaching out to those in need. Read more about some of donation recipients, below.

CEFO helped a student whose only sibling, a brother, is dying of cancer. his mother is the sole support for her family through a disability pension she receives as a victim of a crippling degenerative disease.

CEFO helped two students who, along with their mother and six siblings, who are facing the imminent death of their father. 

CEFO helped a teenage mother, whose father is critically ill and whose mother and sister have been diagnosed as clinically depressed.

CEFO helped an unemployed mother of two small children, who was repeatedly beaten by her husband, struggling to support her family now that her husband has deserted them.

CEFO helped a student who is severely physically disabled and requires a major renovation to her home's bathing facilities.

CEFO helped two young children, ages five and nine, and their family who had lost everything they owned in a townhouse fire.

CEFO helped a family who generously welcomes into their house a 15 year old girl, who suffers from Celiac Disease and tragically lose her mother to suicide. The mother of the hosting family has now been diagnosed with cancer. 

CEFO helped a single unemployed mother and her four children move from a shelter into low income housing.

CEFO helped a 16 year old student who is new to Canada, after spending four years in a Rwandan refugee camp following her families' escape from the horrific carnage in the Congo where she witnessed her father's murder.  Sadly, since then, her mother has been diagnosed HIV positive and is becoming progressively ill.

CEFO helped a young girl, who is the surviving child of conjoined twins whose right leg was transplanted from her sibling and faces multiple daily challenges. her mother has been hospitalized for many months with an undiagnosed disease that causes such pain her children cannot touch her. Extended family has rallied, but struggles to assist. 

CEFO helped a young co-op student who needs a bus pass as he travels long distances from his temporary home with relatives. He anxiously awaits news about his mother who in Toronto for a double lung bypass. 

CEFO helped a mother who is very ill having undergone a double mastectomy that was subsequently found to be misdiagnosed. She is experiencing severe depression which is exacerbated by the fact that her husband left the family home a year earlier. 

CEFO helped parents who are constantly at their daughter's bedside because she is suffering from a brain virus that has left her legs paralysed. 

CEFO helped a mother with four children, whose husband recently committed suicide. 



Working Miracles

The Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa is working small miracles in the lives of our school children every day. I am witness to it. May God continue to bless the work you do.

Elementary School Principal, OCSB

Make a Donation to CEFO

There are seceral ways in which you can support the Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa (CEFO) the families it helps.