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The Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa (CEFO) utilizes the Ottawa Catholic School Board's administrative office in Nepean, Ontario to conduct some formal business. The building houses all of the administrative departments that work behind the scenes to  ensure our students receive quality Catholic education. Administrative work by the Executive Director of CEFO is largely undertaken off-site.

If you would like to make a donation, address a cheque to the Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa, and mail it to the following:
  •  c/o Finance Department, Ottawa Catholic School Board 
    570 West Hunt Club Road  Nepean, ON K2G 3R4
    For further information, please contact:
    •  Shelley Turner, CEFO Executive Director
    • Email: 
    •  Phone: 613-224-4455 Ext 2504 
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Make a Donation to CEFO

There are seceral ways in which you can support the Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa (CEFO) the families it helps.

Process for School Principals Applying for Emergency Response Funds

The Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa (CEFO) provides immediate assistance to impoverished children and their families through the Emergency Response Fund. This assistance includes the provision of EpiPens, medical supplies, food and clothing, transportation, and many other financial needs resulting from family crises. School Principals make written requests to CEFO on behalf of students in need in their respective schools. 

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